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The Secret by Child, Lee
Divine Rivals : by Ross, Rebecca
The Edge by Baldacci, David
The Edge / by Baldacci, David
12 Months to Live by Patterson, James
Her Dark Lies / by Ellison, J. T
The Little Liar : by Albom, Mitch
Just Once : by Kingsbury, Karen
Inheritance / by Roberts, Nora
How Was That Built? / by Agrawal, Roma
Helicopters / by Willis, John
Twenty-One Steps : by Gottesfeld, Jeff
A Horse Named Sky / by Parry, Rosanne
Summer Stage : by Moore, Meg Mitchell
The Metropolitan Affair / by Green, Jocelyn
Once Upon A Camel / by Appelt, Kathi
Enough / by Hutchinson, Cassidy
Stars and Smoke / by Lu, Marie
The Democrat Party Hates America / by Levin, Mark R
Killing the Witches : by O'Reilly, Bill
365 Days to Alaska / by Carr, Cathy
Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute / by Hibbert, Talia
Her Only Wish / by Gray, Shelley Shepard
Fallout : by Sheinkin, Steve
The Best Strangers In the World : by Shapiro, Ari
Piecemeal : by Pauline, Kathryn
Secrets of the Elephants / by Kahumbu, P
Skeletal System / by Vonder Brink, Tracy

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